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New Versions of Hot Cocoa and S'mores

What’s better than cozying up around a fire with the fam? Adding chocolate to the equation, of course! No winter fire is complete without a s’more or a nice cup of hot chocolate to sweeten up the evening. This season, why not spice things up with a few new and unique variations! Keep reading to find out how you can impress with twists to your favorite flavors.

Not-so traditional hot chocolate ideas

Hot cocoa float. You’ve probably heard of peppermint hot chocolate before, but have you thought of adding mint chocolate chip ice cream directly on top of your hot chocolate? Yes, it’s going to melt, but that's the point! The melting ice cream adds a creamy, cooling zing to your mug, which is perfect for little ones who can’t have anything too hot! Of course, you can also experiment with different flavors of ice cream for infinite possibilities!

Buzzing cocoa. Coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven, so the next time you make hot chocolate for the kids, why not throw a shot of espresso into a cup just for you! It not only tastes delicious, but it helps battle fatigue - especially during that newborn stage!

PB&C. We all know that peanut butter and chocolate go together perfectly, so why not try mixing it into your hot chocolate? Melt a teaspoon of peanut butter and stir until smooth and creamy, then whisk together with your pre-made hot cocoa in a bowl, and pour carefully into your mug. Add more or less peanut butter to find the perfect balance for your taste buds. Top with whipped cream and chopped peanuts for a full flavor experience!

Gimmie that heat! As the title suggests, hot chocolate warms us up from the inside out on a cool night, but why not kick that heat up a notch with some spice? A quick online search will provide you with a variety of recipes to add some fire to your cocoa, many calling for a small amount of chipotle powder or chili powder as well as cayenne mixed in for a real kick!

Super unique s’mores

Strawberry s’more. The brightness of strawberries has always gone well with the rich flavor of chocolate, so why not add it to your s’more? Either thinly slice fresh strawberries and place a layer against the graham cracker or, if you like things a little sweeter, add a smear of strawberry jam before adding the chocolate and marshmallow.

S’more s’andwich. You can make this delicious delight in either an electric sandwich iron in the kitchen or a metal one over the fire. Add chocolate spread over a slice of bread, place some mini marshmallows over the smooth chocolate, and crumble in graham crackers. Top with another slice of bread and close your sandwich-making device. Cook until toasted and golden on all sides. Be careful when you bite into this creation as it will be gooey and hot!

CC s’more. Who says you can only use a graham cracker for s’mores? A chewy and soft chocolate chip cookie makes for a decadent but familiar change to this classic recipe. For a holiday twist, try using gingerbread cookies.

Cheesecake s’more. It’s hard to believe, but some people are not chocolate lovers (gasp!). For those friends, the cheesecake s’more is a perfect idea: A layer of whipped cream cheese on a graham cracker, topped with blueberry jam and roasted marshmallow. It’s messy but so worth it!

Hazelnut s’more. Hazelnut and chocolate are dreamy and creamy together so, of course, adding some of your favorite hazelnut spread to one side of your graham cracker is going to amp up the basic flavor a ton!

S’more milkshake. Who says a s’more must be limited to chocolate and marshmallow between two cookies? Why not try a s’more milkshake: Blend toasted marshmallows with milk and ice cream, top with marshmallow fluff, chocolate syrup, and crushed graham crackers.

This winter, why not test out all these delicious creations and choose your family’s favorite… if you can! There may be a tie for first place - or a few!

Genevieve is a mom of two, works in marketing, and writes in her (very minimal) free time. Follow her funny mom alter-ego on Instagram.





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