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15 ideas for indoor fun on cold winter days

The cold winter days have settled in and some days, it’s just too cold to play outside. If your house is like mine, it doesn’t take long before the kids start climbing the walls. Here are some fun ways to use up that pent up energy while you are cooped up inside.

  1. Movie marathon. Let the kids enjoy a movie marathon in the comfort of the house. Make popcorn and enjoy relaxing and watching movies while snuggling up in the house. Or take the kids to the movie theater for an indoor treat.
  2. Get crafty. Paint, play with play dough, or make bead bracelets. Allow the kids to get creative by making their own scrapbook or finding items in your recycle bin they can make into sculptures.
  3. Library trip. Take the kids to the library to find some great books and movies to check out. When you get home, spend some time relaxing and reading in the comfort of your home.
  4. Indoor play. Check local listings for open gym, indoor playgrounds, or other fun indoor activities where the kids can run and play without being exposed to the cold temperatures.
  5. Warm treats. Who doesn’t love a warm treat when it’s freezing outside? Enjoy some hot cocoa or warm apple cider with the kids. If you have a fireplace, roast marshmallows indoors and tell campfire stories.
  6. Put on a show. Have the kids work together to put on a play, puppet show, or make up a dance routine and perform for you.
  7. Play an outdoor game inside. Try playing hide and seek, flashlight tag, or keep away inside.
  8. Picnic. Have an indoor picnic in the living room since it’s too cold to eat outside
  9. Home science. Try a science experiment at home. Make your own volcano, mix food coloring, or make a balloon rocket to teach the kids about science and stay cool indoors.
  10. Bake. Bake cookies, cakes, banana bread, or homemade bread. Having the oven on will warm up the house.
  11. Build a fort. Have the kids make a fort with pillows and blankets for some indoor fun.
  12. Racetrack. Use masking tape to make a racetrack on the floor and let the kids see who drives the fastest.
  13. Take a bath. If you have a big soaking tub, consider letting the kids put on swimsuits and enjoy the “indoor pool” for a while. 
  14. Have a dance party. Turn the music up and have a dance party in the living room. 


Sarah Lyons is a wife and mother of six who is always thinking up new and creative ways to keep her kids busy and having fun.


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