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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

There’s no need to get cold feet about spending a winter day outdoors. Bundle up and head out for some snow fun.

Flake Catching - Chill a sheet of black paper in the freezer. Take the sheet outside during snowfall. Watch and examine the flakes carefully and see how many different shapes you can see.


Snow Angels - This activity works best in dry/powdery snow. Pick a spot where the snow is clean and clear of markings. Lay down on it and flap your arms and legs to make the wings and dress. Carefully get up and you will see your angel.

Snow Hurdles - Lightly pack a bunch of large snowballs and use them to build an obstacle course. See if you can go around, jump over, etc. Play follow the leader!

Blow Bubbles - Blow bubbles outside in the cold and see what happens.

Frosty Snowman Ideas

Few things can warm up a yard or park like a snowman. The snow conditions must be just right. If you can make a tight snowball with the snow, then you have great snowman making material. Typically a snowman has a carrot nose, button eyes and charcoal mouth, plus a borrowed old hat and scarf. Don’t let this be your only choice. Here are some ideas!

• Add six drops of food coloring to a litre of water and put it in a fine mist spray bottle or old ketchup bottle. Use the bottle like a pen and make markings to add color to your snowman creation (try stripes, dots, solid colors, etc.).

• Sticks, rocks, berries, twigs and leaves all make wonderful snowman decorations.

• Use different size containers to mold snow pets for your snowman. How about a green alligator or a pink elephant?

• Line up a lot of snowballs and make a snow caterpillar. Let the kids go for a pretend ride.

• Make an active snowman… surfing, skiing, playing a snow instrument, dancing.

• Decorate your snowman with things that birds would like to eat. Try a berry and nut necklace!

• Have a contest to see who can make the tallest or fattest or funniest, etc. snowman.
• Play toss the hat on the Snowman. Take turns with a hat (or Frisbee) to see who can toss the hat onto the head of the snowman.

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