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10 Great Educational Toys to Make at Home

Easy instructions for ten types of make-it-yourself toys that rival the best educational playthings on the market.

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Cabin Fever Relievers - Inside and Out!

It’s another snowy day and the kids are going crazy. They have done all the regular activities such as skating, sledding, baking cookies and playing with friends. You look at the calendar, only four more months of winter to go. With our Calgary winters often being long and chilly, it is time to get creative.

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10 After Dusk Summer Activities

Toss that remote because it’s time to get outdoors. From June to August, no one wants to turn in early. So why not spend more time with your family playing some fun activities.

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Treasure Hunts for a Summer Day

What child doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Armed with a list of items to find, summertime presents the perfect opportunity for children to discover the treasures, both large and small, that nature has to offer. Taking time to observe nature through an interactive lens teaches children about nature, but will also inspire them to develop an appreciation of the beauty that surrounds them.

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