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Plan a Girlfriends Weekend Getaway - Recharge and Nourish Your Ever-giving, Ever-loving Mommy Soul

Nothing will re-energize and renew your outlook on life like a few days away from your everyday routine. We’re only human; and taking time for ourselves is guaranteed to mend, recharge and nourish your ever-giving, ever-loving mommy soul.

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Sit down with a good book this summer!

You can hear the groans from students and parents alike as every June the teachers merrily wave the students on their way to summer vacation with cries of, “Have fun! Play outside! Don’t forget your sunscreen! Read! Read! Read! You have books to read by September. ”

Why do schools do this? Research shows that children who read during the summer holidays do better in school. It’s that simple. These students not only do better in reading, but also in writing and spelling. By reading during those long, idle summer months students are doing themselves a favour. But try telling that to someone who just wants to sleep, swim, play and hang out!

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51 Fun Outside Adventures

This is the where-to list for getting out and about in the city this summer.

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Avoiding the B-Word: 16 Summer Boredom Solutions

Nowadays, teaching your kids how to enjoy simple, old-fashioned fun is not easy. Nevertheless, it is worth your time - you won’t be trapped on the "I need a new toy every week" spending treadmill and your kids will be able to entertain themselves at any time and place. This means less whining, less fighting with siblings, and fewer discipline problems for you.

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