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Quiz: Pick Your Perfect Spring Break Destination

Spring Break is almost here, which means you probably have vacation on the brain. Whether you’re getting ready to hit the road or sticking close to home this year, it’s fun to daydream about future trips you hope to enjoy with your family. Take this quiz to find your perfect Spring Break destination!

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and write down the corresponding letter for each question that best describes you and your family.

Your youngest child is:

a. 3 or younger.

b. Between 4 and 8.

c. Between 9 and 12.

d. 13 or older. 

2. On a warm but rainy Sunday afternoon, your family is most likely to be found:

a. Reading, playing board games or watching a good movie at home.

b. Shopping, dining or people-watching at the mall.

c. Donning rain boots and splashing around in puddles.

d. Visiting a nearby museum or other indoor attraction.

3. Your family’s dream dinner would include:

a. Fresh seafood served al fresco.

b. Hamburgers and French fries.

c. Hot dogs roasted over an open fire.

d. Authentic Lebanese, Thai or Ethiopian cuisine.

4. And for dessert, you’d dig in to some:

a. Ice cream cones.

b. Cotton candy or a funnel cake.

c. S’mores.

d. Mini cupcakes or cronuts.

5. Your favorite weather conditions are:

a. The hotter the better!

b. Mild temperatures and clear skies.

c. It’s tough to say. Every season has its advantages!

d. Warm, but not hot, and sunny.


6. During a vacation, you like your schedule to be:

a. Wide open.

b. Completely jam-packed.

c. Laidback with a few ‘must-dos.’

d. Busy, but flexible.


7. Your favorite Disney movie is:

a. The Little Mermaid.

b. You can’t possibly pick just one!

c. The Lion King.

d. The Princess and the Frog.


8. Congratulations! You’ve won a free annual pass to one of the following. Which do you choose?

a. Your family’s favorite miniature golf course.

b. A children’s museum.

c. The zoo.

d. An art or history museum.


9. Your family’s ideal vacation playlist includes:

a. Reggae.

b. A selection of Disney’s all-time greatest hits.

c. What playlist? You’d rather keep the iPod turned off and listen to the sounds around you.

d. A few show tunes from Broadway favorites like Wicked or Annie.


10. The word that best describes your family is:

a. Easygoing.

b. Fun-loving.

c. Active.

d. Curious.


Mostly A’s: The beach. Your family believes vacation is for relaxation, and the best place to relax is right next to a large body of water. You’re sure to have an amazing time swimming, building sandcastles and taking leisurely sunset strolls along the waterfront. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Mostly B’s: A theme park. Satisfy kids and kids-at-heart with a magical week of riding coasters and posing with characters.

Mostly C’s: The great outdoors. Your family loves being outside as much as possible, so choose your destination accordingly. For amazing hikes and breathtaking scenery, consider visiting a national park. Of course, if your budget demands you stick with a smaller scale adventure, you can always skip the plane flight and take a road trip to the Canadian Rockies in our own back yard.

Mostly D’s: The city. You like to see new sights, meet new people and try new foods. Choosing a major city as your base of operations will ensure your family has plenty to do, day and night.

Michelle is an attorney and freelance writer. She writes about family, travel and seasonal fun for many different parenting publications.

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