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Hair Tips to Make Mornings Easier

Back-to-school time is here - and so is the hustle of busy mornings and trying to tackle the tangles in your child’s care-free summer hair. Looking for quick and easy ways to get your kid’s hair healthy and tidy, while saving time during busy mornings? We consulted our kids’ hair experts to find the top hair-care tips to solve common back-to-school hair challenges and make your morning routine run smoother.

1. Repair the damage. All that fun in the sun, swimming, and playing outdoors all summer long can be hard on your child’s hair with extra exposure to dust, sunscreen, and chlorine. Most parents’ first reaction is to reach for a deep conditioner to try and repair the damage when the real issue is usually build-up in the hair. Chlorine and sunscreen slowly build up on hair leaving it looking dull and feeling rough to the touch.

A clarifying shampoo is designed to strip away build-up, leaving hair soft and shiny and so much easier to manage and should be considered the first step to repairing hair. A swimmer’s shampoo, like Beaners 1 More Lap, works great as a clarifying shampoo.

Pro tips:

  • To keep hair build-up at bay, avoid 2-in-1 shampoo conditioners, which only make the problem worse (think washing and waxing your car in one step; it’s not very effective!).

  • If bath times are a rush, ditch the 2-in-1 product and try a shampoo only followed by a detangling leave-in conditioner, which will soften hair and speed up the combing process.

  • Lastly, a fresh haircut to trim off damaged ends will vastly improve the healthiness of your child’s hair.

2. Face-off. If your child’s hair is always getting in the way while playing sports or trying to focus at school, try these quick and easy hairstyle tips.

For girls - Try a headband or headband with braid to keep hair off your child’s face and out of their eyes. Braiding can be done the night before to save time in the morning. If braiding is not your thing, you can also try a cloth, no-slip headband, clips, or barrettes to keep hair off the face.

For boys - For hair that’s longer in the front, try switching to a shorter haircut style or use a hair gel to style the hair up and away from the forehead. You might be surprised to discover that your child’s ability to focus improves!

3. Make mornings easier. A great way to streamline your morning routine is to tackle detangling the night before using a leave-in detangler spray, like Beaners 2 Knotty, and a wide-tooth comb or a Wet Brush (total lifesaver). The detangler spray will not only help with tangles, but also take care of fly-away hairs and static.

For children with longer hair, you may want to braid hair the night before to keep it from getting tangled overnight.

If your child is old enough, teaching them how to brush their own hair may also save you a bit of time in the morning.

Pro tip:

  • Children with longer hair should brush starting at the tips of their hair and work their way up to the root to remove tangles more easily.

4. Crazy curls. Curly hair presents some unique challenges. We suggest using a lightweight conditioner without wax for more defined silky curls - without the crazy. After bath time, use a curl definer like Original Sprout Curl Calmer or Joico Spiker Gel, scrunching into damp hair to define those gorgeous curls.

5. Standing up. Sweat and outdoor play can cause hair to fall forward into the eyes and cheeks and ruin your child’s hairdo.

For spikier styles, use a cornstarch-based hair gel or balm as it will stand up to sweat and outdoor elements. For longer styles, a leave-in conditioner and hairspray will help tame fly-aways and static to keep hair smooth.

6. Don’t let lice bug you. No parent wants to hear the L-word, but daily prevention could save you from a lice infestation in your home, which can really turn your life (and a few mattresses) upside down.

Back to school is prime time for lice infestations because smaller children tend to hang their backpacks and coats on hooks, in close proximity to other children’s coats and bags.

To reduce your child's chances of bringing home lice, use a preventative spray like Ladibugs Lice Spray on coats, hats, scarves, backpacks, and on your child’s hair.

For more hair-care tips for kids, visit There are four Beaners locations in Calgary: Northland, West Springs, Country Hills, and Southland.




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