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Toboggan Safety Tips

First Check out the hill: 

Choose snowy hills, free of ice with a gentle slope and long run off area. Be sure the hill is free of bumps, holes and obstacles such as trees, signs, fences and rocks. Stay away from roads, rivers, railways and parking lots. Only sled in the daylight or on well-lit hills and to reduce the risk of hypothermia and frostbite, don't go out below -19°C.

Second Check your style:

Go down the hill sitting up or kneeling, never head first or standing up. Be sure the path the clear, and if you fall off the sled quickly move out of the way.

Third: Check your gear:

Dress properly with hats, mittens or gloves and warm waterproof footwear. Don't forget your helmet. A good CSA approved bike or ski helmet (designed for high impact collisions) is your best choice. Do not wear scarves or clothes with drawstrings as they can get caught up in the sleds.

And finally, Check out the Supervision: Children under 12 should be supervised, and children under 5 should have a responsible adult on the sled with them. Grab a toboggan, inner tube or sleigh, and head for the hills! And always remember, helmets on heads!

  • Calgary Marlborough Community Association, 636 Marlborough Way NE
  • Confederation Park (East), 2807-10 St NW
  • Deerfoot Athletic Park, 1604-14 Ave NE Elliston, 60 St & 17 Ave SE
  • Erin Woods, 20 Erinwoods Dr SE
  • Kingsland Dry Pond, 502 Heritage Dr SW (behind Rose Kohn/Jimmy Condon Arena)
  • Glenbrook Hill, 45 St & 25 Ave SW Maple Ridge Dry Pond,
  • Mapleglade Close SE
  • Marlborough Park Comm Assoc, 6021 Madigan Dr NE
  • Monterey Park, Catalina Blvd & 28 Ave NE
  • Prairie Winds Park, 223 Castleridge Blvd NE
  • Richmond Green, 33 Ave & 25 St SW
  • Richmond Park, 22 Ave & 45 St SW
  • River Park, 4500-14A St SW
  • St. Andrew's Heights, 2504-13 Ave NW
  • Scarboro, 15 Ave & 15 St SW
  • Scirroco Joint Site, Scirroco Dr & Signal Hill Hts
  • Stanley Park, 4011-1A St SW
  • Strathcona, 277 Strathcona Dr SW
  • Turtle Hill, on 45 St between 17 Ave & 26 Ave SW
  • West Glamorgan, 4207-41 Ave SW


Carol Beringer is the Kids Safe Coordinator at the Alberta Children's Hospital

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