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Shower Me with Food

This week I hosted a freezer shower for my friend Edith, who is due with her second child in two weeks. We all figured out on the first go-round that when there’s a new baby on the scene, food is the most welcome gift of all. And when you’re on your second or third and have all the Robeez and Bumbos you need, a freezer shower is ideal. The idea is to usher your guests into the kitchen (they’ll gravitate there anyway) to help prepare meals for the new mom to pack up and take home.

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My Daily Bread

This is the most excited I’ve been about a new recipe, I think ever. I’ve been baking this loaf for everyone I know, and they all think I’m a genius. When I tell them how easy it is, the typical answer is: “sure, easy for you.” But honestly, it is absolutely effortless!

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Soup is Good Food

Today, with a foot of fluffy snow outside and having just taught a class on homemade soup, I'm in soup mode. I love soup - it's simple and easy (it took me awhile to realize that the two aren’t the same), because measurements are totally up to you and you can use whatever you have in the kitchen. Besides, I’ve just discovered this homemade yeast bread that requires neither kneading nor talent and begs to be dunked into a bowl of soup – look for that in the next issue!

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Beyond Macaroni and Cheese - Solving Mealtime Dilemmas

Your toddler is a huge fan of macaroni and cheese – and practically nothing else. Your preteen sneaks out the door without so much as a bite of breakfast. Your grade schooler has developed an acute case of sandwich phobia... sound familiar? Here are some parent-proven solutions to your top biggest mealtime challenges from Ann Douglas, author of the recently published Mealtime Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler.


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