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Work-Life-Kids Balance

How do you balance working from home with parenting?

Sorry About the Noise

"Sorry about the noise, the business daycare is located right beside my office!" Have you ever used that line? Or wished you could. Why is it that every time the business line rings the kids need mommy?

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Managing Your Kids While Working From Home

Shhh, I'm on the Phone...

Many women choose to work from home in order to balance their work lives with the lives of their children. Intermingling these two demands is extremely tough and a daily struggle for most brave souls who attempt it. Running away from screaming children while on the portable phone while trying not to appear out of breath and professional, and above all, listening to the client while berating yourself for being such a bad, bad mother – typical at my house with my four children.

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Managing Separation Anxiety

Leaving for Work Without a FUSS

Question: My son fusses, whines, and complains every morning when I get ready to leave for work. I have to work, and I want to work, but my son’s attitude makes me feel terrible. Also, this is a lousy way to start the day.

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Achieving Financial Success

As a mom, we make many decisions that affect our financial picture.  Whether you choose to stay at home, work part time, or work full time, there are steps you can take to ensure financial success for your family.

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