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Diaper Rashes

Chances are, your baby will have at least one diaper rash in his young life. Don’t fret, here are some examples of rashes and how to treat them:


 A simple irritation rash is caused by moisture and ammonia from urine and stool rubbing against the skin. With this type of rash the diaper area of your baby is red but the folds are not. In order to clear up this type of rash you should try to change diapers whenever they are wet, use scent free soap, avoid baby wipes, keep diapers loose to avoid rubbing and use cream to create a barrier between skin and diaper.

A yeast infection diaper rash is similar to the irritation rash but in the diaper area there is red in the folds of the skin. There also may be small red pimples covering the diaper area. With this type of rash refrain from using corn starch, which yeast eats, and talcum powder which can be hazardous if breathed in. You should be using an anti-yeast cream like Monistat or Canesten to clear up the infection.

With bacterial infections, your baby will have yellow coloured fluid-filled bumps and crusty areas that are honey in colour on its diaper area. With this type of infection you would need to consult your physician and requires antibiotics.

Diaper rashes can sometimes be a part of a general body rash like cradle cap (or Seborrhea). This rash will present as red scaly and waxy patches, and will be throughout your baby’s body and scalp. Luckily, this type of rash will heal itself when your baby’s body starts to produce oils.

If the rash doesn’t diminish within a few days consult your physician.

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