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Ages 0-5

For Crying Out Loud! Here's Colic Relief for Baby - And You

If your newborn’s colic makes you want to scream, try these five calming techniques.

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Don't Leave Me! 11 Ways to Make Drop-Off Easier

“Don’t leave me! No! Please! Mommy! Mommy, don’t go!” Sound familiar?

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Hovering Parents, Anxious Kids

Helicopters carry heavy loads and hover as they rescue people from precarious situations. As parents, we sometimes perform helicopter duties, like carrying a sobbing child through a crowded airport or scooping up a toddler before they run into a busy street. Parents who constantly swoop in to rescue their children from distressful and non-life-threatening situations, however, may cause more harm than good.

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The Proper Care and Feeding of Post-NICU Parents

You’d think that once a family got home with their neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) baby they would be home free, right? After all, their baby isn’t hooked up to multiple monitors, doesn’t have IVs sticking out of every part of their body and the parents don’t have to travel to and from the hospital every day anymore. So why do the parents still seem so stressed out? Read on to find out about some special challenges of and how to take care of these special parents and babies.

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