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Ages 0-5

Is My Child Okay? Six Steps for Assessing a Young Child's Development

This is a question that every parent and childcare worker asks when they notice something odd in the behavior and functioning of a little child. How can one best ascertain if a problem or delay really exists? There are six important areas of child development to examine in order to determine whether a child is progressing at a normal pace. Read on for some examples of age-appropriate skills to look for.

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Sleep Training 101 - Not Sleeping Like a Baby? Here's Help!

Getting enough sleep is one of the major challenges of the first years of parenthood. Sleepless nights ultimately affect the day, producing a fussy, cranky and inattentive baby. Irregular sleep for both mom and baby is unhealthy, unproductive and affects everyone.

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Part 1 of a 5-Part Series: Children's Influences on Parenting

By definition, parenting involves at least two parties: a child and a parent. There are many aspects pertaining to children that have the potential to shape how we interact with and parent them. Some of these factors change with time, such as the normal ages and stages of growth and development; some remain quite static throughout an individual’s life, such as personality or temperament; and some can change as a family grows, such as birth order.

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Like Raspberries? How Blowing Bubbles and Razzies Helps Your Child Develop Invaluable Communication and Social Skills

The first time it happens, you don’t expect it. Your baby looks at you, sticks out their tongue and makes a gentle razzing sound. It’s almost impossible not to smile and make a raspberry back at them. Just try.

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