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Ages 0-5

Protect Your Kids From Things That Go Bump In the Night

It's not unusual for children to be afraid on Halloween. The scary costumes, walking in the dark and glowing jack-o-lanterns can be creepy. To make Halloween enjoyable, it's important to respect your child's fear, without overindulging it.

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Three Ways to Help Your Baby Separate (Without the Anxiety)

From the time that babies become aware of the world around them, they begin to form important relationships with the people in their lives. They quickly learn that certain people are vital to their happiness and their survival. Babies don't have the ability to understand how the world works, so they don't know what makes these people appear or disappear. When their special people are out of sight, they have no way of knowing if their loved ones are gone forever, and they express their concern: usually by crying and clinging. Here are a few tips to help your baby learn to adapt to separations without the anxiety.

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Is Your Child Ready for School? Are You?

Anticipation builds as a new school year approaches... What can a parent do to make the transition smooth for their child and themselves? Especially for the child who is attending a traditional school for the first time or going to a new school? Here are some ideas to get everyone ready for school.

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When Toddlers Say No and Why They Say it!

The first few words out of our children’s mouths, such as mama and dada, are like little warm drops of sunshine on our spirits. But do you have the same feeling about the word, “no”?

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