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Ages 11-17

Is Anyone Listening? Are Your Teens And Tweens Tuning You Out

Communicating dissatisfaction to our tweens and teenagers can be a frustrating experience for any parent. Getting them to listen without tuning out (glazing) or becoming angry (raging) requires patience and a willingness to discuss topics of interest to the tweens/teens as well.

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15 Things to Tell Your Teenager Before They Close Their Eyes to Sleep

There are certain things teenagers really need to hear from their parents. You cannot say these things when they would be most apropos. However, you can say them at night when the child is relaxed and going to sleep. They offer less resistance at night just before bedtime. They will remember what you said, and they will reflect on it when you least expect it.

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Tired Teenagers: Why Teens Don’t Sleep Enough, and How to Help

Does your teen sleep through the morning alarm, zone out during the day and turn into a cranky pest by nightfall? Then you’re probably one of millions of parents living with an exhausted adolescent. The National Institutes of Health report that many teens don’t get enough sleep, putting them at risk for health problems and poor academic performance. Why are teens so sleepy?

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Ten Tips for Graduating Teens! Take This One Last Test with Your Teen

As graduation time approaches, parents, grandparents and friends are trying to decide how to best help the young people around them make the most of their potential. Take this quick quiz together with the teen in your life:

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