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The six best parenting podcasts for every age and stage

Long walks and podcasts go hand-in-hand. Which is why we have compiled a list of six top parenting podcasts (with a collective 813 episodes and counting) so you can work through your top parenting dilemmas while you get in your steps.

Good Inside with Dr. Becky

Leading the list of parenting podcasts on Chartable is mom of three and clinical psychologist, Dr. Becky Kennedy. With new episodes dropping every week, Dr. Becky provides easily digestible advice on a range of topics, all with the goal of seeing the good inside us and our kids. Relatively new to the parenting expert scene, Dr. Becky didn’t even have an Instagram account in February 2020, but then shot to fame during COVID when homeschooling and lockdowns had parents searching for answers more than ever before.

A sampling of episode titles:

  • It’s Okay If You Don’t Like to Play
  • When Your Tween Is Rejected
  • A Parent’s #1 Job

Motherhood in Black & White

Two Generation X moms (Kaanji Irby and Tara Campbell) from different worlds share their experiences as friends, suburban moms, and fans of 90s hip hop. As one fan states in her review, “Kaanji and Tara are having conversations all of us should be having. Whether you are laughing or nodding your head in contemplative agreement, I appreciate the authenticity of these two amazing women.”

A sampling of episode titles:

  • The ABCs of CRT
  • How to Talk to Kids About War
  • Representation Matters: Shows Worth Streaming

The Holderness Family Podcast

American internet personalities and husband and wife team, Kim and Penn Holderness, got their start making YouTube parody videos (like the Thanksgiving-themed All About That Baste). With almost 200 episodes available (and counting), Kim and Penn share their ups and downs, and playfully refer to themselves as a hot mess, a HolderMess, if you will.

A sampling of episode titles:

  • Things We Used to Believe
  • Keeping Kids Safe Online with Roo Powell
  • When To Push Through and When To Pause

The Dad I’d Like to Friend (The DILF) Podcast

With 181 five star ratings on Apple Podcasts, this podcast has a super strong following. Originally started as a forum to build a network of dads, the podcast has grown to “become a global movement to unite moms and dads in the common goal of raising a happy and healthy future generation while bringing joy back to our homes.”

A sampling of episode titles:

  • Dealing with Rejection from Your Child
  • The Evolution of Fatherhood
  • Facing Loss as a Parent


Podcast host, Janet Lansbury, is a former actress and model, mother of three grown children, and aspiring octogenarian hip hop dancer. Janet started the Unruffled podcast in 2015, and has over 200 episodes to date. Each episode addresses a different parenting issue through the lens of respectful parenting.

A sampling of episode titles:

  • Boundaries That Encourage the Most Positive Sibling Relationships
  • Choose Not to Battle with Your Child (Here’s How)
  • Navigating the Playground with a Child Who Seems Too Physical, Shy, Huggy, or Bossy

Raising Good Humans

A new episode drops every Friday as podcast host, developmental psychologist Dr. Aliza Pressman tackles a range of issues and challenges. Taking a bigger picture lens at the journey of raising good humans, Dr. Aliza features both experts and parents on her podcast.

A sampling of episode titles:

  • Raising Kids Who Have a Sense of Autonomy with Stephanie Carlson
  • The Brain on Cannabis – What You Need to Know
  • When One Child Has Autism, What Happens With the Typically Developing Sibling? A Conversation With Shazi Visram

Erika is owner of Buzz Communications, a Calgary-based communications consulting company, as well as a writer for WordPLAY Consulting. Every business, and every person, has a story and Erika loves to tell those stories.

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