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Relaxed, Refreshed & Ready for Anything - Mini-Getaways for Mom

Let’s face it, a mom can get burned out mentally, physically and emotionally simply from trying to juggle it all. A constantly busy schedule with a lack of downtime is often the culprit, leaving mom feeling raw, reactive and even - sometimes - kind of desperate.

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Spring Flings

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Every year you vow to make more time for your spouse and the warmer weather of Spring is beckoning you to keep your promise. Not sure what to do beyond dinner and a movie? You will find something for every couple in this list of springtime activities.

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Successful Santa Visits!

Christmas is a magical time of year and for many young children visiting Santa is a highlight. Chances are by now they’ve made their list and checked it twice and have begun the "when can I see Santa?” chant. However, no matter how excited and prepared your child is, parents should be prepared for almost anything when visiting Santa.

We caught up with Santa and he had a few suggestions to help make your child’s visit a successful one:

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Parenting Without a Parent

In desperation, I entrusted my car keys to an approachable onlooker, offering a quick explanation before bolting through traffic on foot.  It was a holiday and a beautiful morning for a parade. As daughters of a firefighter, my sisters and I always had a great love of parades – we wax nostalgic over privileged seating in the cab of the fire trucks, smiling, waving and sometimes throwing candy to onlookers. (Regulations later prohibited anyone but firefighters from riding in the cabs of the trucks.) This particular morning, however, my father lay dying at Hospice. With the parade route blocking my sole access to him, I barely noticed everyone’s smiling faces. I cannot recall ever feeling so hindered.

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