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Parent Connection

Mom Time - Guilt-Free Getaways

How often do you take time for yourself? How often do you say, “Now it’s my special time” and let nobody interfere with that?

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Create Moments Just For You - 45 Amazing Ideas for Busy Moms to Relax and Recharge

The endless pressures and demands of motherhood can take up most of your time in a day. It’s natural to feel like your children consume all of your attention. That may even be reality, but it’s not healthy for them or you. Carving out some time just for you is important and there’s no need to feel guilty about it. Yes, we all want to be a good mom, but taking care of ourselves will make us better moms for our children, as well as better spouses and friends.

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Creating Home Sweet Home for Foster and Adopted Children

Bringing home a new child is an exciting experience. It can also be overwhelming, especially when the child comes to you through foster care or adoption. The child has already been through the trauma of at least one move and separation from familiar caregivers. They are likely scared, and confused. The same is often true for the new parents and any children already in the home.

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Is Your Tween Sitting on the Sideline?

The inner spark lighting up one’s soul comes early in life for some. Then there are others who flounder around, searching for something that truly inspires them. For this latter group, it takes time and experimentation to get an inner glow going. Are you concerned about your tween as they watch their friends excel at an activity while they sit on the sidelines? There is something out there to motivate everyone. Your gentle guidance and encouragement can help them find their passion.

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