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Oh Baby! Checklist for Your Birth Centre Stay

Your birth centre stay may only be for one or two days. Bring your own comfortable clothes and supplies. Even your baby can start life in their own clothes!

For mom:

Alberta Personal Health Care card and other insurance cards (for example, Blue Cross)

Hospital admission card, if available

Housecoat, slippers, 2 nightgowns, pajamas or sweatsuit

5 to 6 panties and 2 bras (nursing bras if breastfeeding)

Toiletries including toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, tissue, shampoo, 1 package of long maxi sanitary pads

Phone numbers

Loose-fitting clothing to wear home (for example, maternity clothing)


Black pen

Your copy of Healthy Parents, Healthy Children

For baby:

3 to 4 receiving blankets

3 to 4 undershirts

4 sleepers or nighties

1 package of infant diapers

Hat or toque

1 warm blanket

Laundry bag, or plastic bag for dirty clothing

Baby clothes for going home: T-shirt, outfit, hat, receiving blanket, outer blanket

Approved car seat

Labour and support items

You may want to bring items to help you during labour and birth. Here are some suggestions:

Drinks, juice, popsicles for mom and partner

Lip balm, mouth spray, mints or hard candies to suck on

Focal point, like a picture

Music, iPod

Massage tools, like tennis balls or frozen rolling pins

Extra pillows

Massage oil or lotion

Snacks for mom and partner(s)

Warm socks for mom

Camera (please ask permission from caregivers before taking their picture)

List of comfort techniques from prenatal classes or Healthy Parents, Healthy Children.

You may also want to make a list of other items you may want to bring.

Reprinted with permission from Perinatal Education, Birth & Babies, Alberta Health Services. Perinatal Education offers over 30 different courses for expectant and new families. For more information about pregnancy and to view the course calendar, visit


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