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Homeschooling Driving You Crazy?

While becoming your child’s teacher these days can be very stressful, this may be a wonderful opportunity to turn chores into lesson plans.

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Homeschooling Guidance During the Pandemic

First (and most importantly) don’t worry, there’s an opportunity here for some of the best learning your child will experience. Second, remember it’s more important to pay attention to the kinds of experiences your children are having - and to create opportunities for different kinds of thinking - than to try to replicate school curriculum.

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10 Most Common Worries of New Home Schoolers

When considering home schooling a child who has reached school-age or when the decision is made for children to leave a school they attended last year, parents who are home schooling their children for the first time have a lot of questions, worries and fears. These concerns are very common and as a home educator for many years, I would like to address them.

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Home-Schooling High School... Yes, You Can!

Home-schooling has been going along just great. The kids have learned to read, write, do math… all on grade level. But as high school looms on the horizon, maybe you’re starting to get a little leery. Can you handle this new kind of journey? Will your kids miss out on all the cool things like graduation, yearbook, and drama? The good news is yes, you can handle it and no, they won’t miss out on a thing! Let’s start with the core subjects and branch out from there (always check with your province to find out graduation requirements within each of the core subjects).

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