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Homework Habits: How to Motivate Your Child

When it comes to homework, it can seem impossible to get your child motivated to start or to stay on task. It can be especially frustrating when you know your child is smart and capable, but they aren’t willing to put in the time and effort it takes to get the (good) grades you know they can. You want your child to put their best effort into their schoolwork without having to pester them and have the situation affect your relationship in a negative way.

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Conquer Home-School Clutter

When I first decided to home-school, retired school teachers I know graciously wanted to gift me the entirety of their saved classroom supplies, which they had each saved for just such an occasion. At first, I was excited at the thought of all those books, wall maps, ABC charts and games, but then the clutter of unused and over-saved items took over and I got overwhelmed. Questions swirled in my mind: ‘What might I need in the future? What do I need this year? What could I pass on to another home schooler?’ Home-school clutter can cause you to waste a lot of time searching for things you may or may not own, and cause you to spend more money buying things you already have! Here are some ways I found help tame the different kinds of home-school clutter and paper monsters and find some peace and organization in my home while saving money, too.

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“Help! My Child Won’t Do Homeschooling Work!”

Read on for my top suggestions and ideas for getting more cooperation and less power struggles from your homeschool student. Give choices in subject matter, time, or place of study. For example, would your child like to do Math or English today? When is your child’s best, most alert time of day to do schoolwork? Would they like to study in their room or on the couch?

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Homeschooling Multiple Grades

Depending on your homeschooling family, you may find yourself needing to teach more than one grade level simultaneously. While this may seem like an overwhelming situation, with a little preparation and patience, you can successfully teach multiple grades. I have four children, and this year has been the first year that I’ve really had four different grade levels going all at once. I’m not gonna lie to you, it can be slightly overwhelming! But with a little prep work and a few tips, you can make it work for your family, too!

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