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School Aged

5 Productive Questions to Ask Teachers at Parent Teacher Interviews

As a parent, I get excited about that 15-minute slot allotted to have a one-on-one time with my child’s teacher. I look forward to hearing about my child’s progress and struggles and strengths through more than what I see on my child’s homework worksheets. Sometimes a parent-teacher interview goes great, but sometimes I walk away thinking I just heard a script that is being repeated for every student in my child’s class.

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Mid-Year Elementary School Blues: How to Keep Your Kid Motivated for the Remainder of the School Year

Packing lunches, doing nightly homework, studying for spelling tests, and scrambling about during the morning rush; the thrill of a new school year has long worn off and your child is dragging their feet a little more on school mornings during the second semester. How do you keep your kid motivated to finish out the last months of the school year strong?

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Helping Kids With Homework

Whether you love it or hate it, homework is a component of your children’s education. In our busy lives with schedules full of sports, dance, music lessons and the like, families may find it difficult to set their children’s educational responsibilities as a high priority. Although parents everywhere want their children to succeed in school, many parents err more on the side of slighting the importance of nightly homework than in giving too much help. There are those parents who make the mistake of doing the homework themselves for a variety of reasons, but they are in the minority and teachers will always spot such activity.

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Five Steps to Choosing the Perfect School

Searching for the right school is not a sprint; it’s a marathon, requiring committed preparation. Luckily, you are not alone. Follow this guide, step by step. And if the road gets rocky, keep your eye on the finish line: your child’s future. 

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