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Help! My Child is Falling Behind in School

The school year is in full swing, and you’ve noticed that your child who was happy, relaxed, excited to begin school in September is now anxious and reluctant to engage in learning.

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Help Your Child Transition to a New School

For kids, transitioning to a new school can be difficult. Whether it is your child’s first day of elementary school, their first day of high school, or you’re moving to a new school district, starting a new school can affect your child’s academic performance, social development, and mental state. But there are things you can do before and during your child’s switch to a new school to help them feel and become comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.

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Back-to-School Shopping - The Frugal Way

Whether you are looking forward to it or not, back to school is right around the corner. As a parent, aside from enjoying summer, you always have back-to-school shopping in the back of your mind (pun intended!). But there’s no need to fret. Your family can transition into the new school year with ease with my frugal back-to-school shopping tips!

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Reading is More Important Than Ever

Many children have been through the pandemic mill when it comes to their classroom experiences, and they need extra support to maintain their reading skills. Some children in primary grades have not had ‘normal’ educational direct instruction for two years. While we all applaud the efforts of classroom teachers during this challenging time, the instruction may not have been optimal. Don’t panic. With regular reading support, you can boost your child’s reading confidence and skill levels. 

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