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8 Books to Help Children Explore Indigenous Culture

It’s a question so many parents wondered as their children first heard flickers about the tragic news from Kamloops: 215 children, residential schools, unmarked graves. While the instinct as a parent might be to shelter, to say, “It’s just too terrible,” it is through truth-telling and remembering that you can help your children understand what happened and honor those precious little lives.

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Tips and Tricks for Back to School

As summer winds down, your child is probably thinking about the new school year ahead, and they may be feeling a mixture of emotions.

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The Question of Homework

As the return to school quickly approaches, you may be faced with how to handle your child and their homework. There are strong arguments both for and against homework.

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Your Child's First School

You are your children’s first teacher and your home is your children’s first school. You spend a good amount of time every day setting the tone for your children’s behaviors, encouraging first steps, and pouncing on those teachable moments to mould them into the happy and successful people you want them to be.

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