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Helping Your Children Feel Like They Belong

If you think back to the days when you were a child attending school, what comes to mind? Do you have positive memories, negative memories, or maybe a bit of both? Positive memories may include hanging out with friends, having a great teacher who believed in you, or enjoying a particular subject in school, like math or gym class. Negative memories may include experiences that made you feel lonely, isolated, sad, awkward, or scared. At the heart of these experiences, there was likely a need for a true sense of belonging. 

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Fun, Educational Websites Your Kids Will Love

Limiting the time your kids spend on the computer can be a daunting task. But there are plenty of fun, educational sites your kids will love that make learning a blast and time spent plugged in healthier.

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Fantasy Play: the Work of Childhood

We’ve all heard that play is the work of childhood and it’s true. And fantasy play - pretending to be a dinosaur or a king or queen - is a specific kind of play that children benefit from in many ways.

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Seven Educational & Fun Podcasts for Kids

When I rustled up an old-school iPod touch for my son last summer, I started finding him podcasts to listen to and for my family to listen to in the van together. Given the current circumstances, we aren’t driving around much anymore, but when we do, we’ve been laughing and learning along the way. (Our primary destination is driving our foster cats to and from the vet, so about an hour round trip; in other words, about two podcast episodes!)

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