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House to Home

10 Most Common Mistakes Made by New Homeowners

1. Altering the soil adjacent to a house. Altering the slope of soil along the perimeter of a house can result in water seeping toward the house. Wet soil will swell and can actually lift a house foundation upward causing extensive interior and exterior damage.

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Seven Important Stages of a Home Renovation

For most of us, our homes are not only the biggest investment we will make, but it is also our pride and joy, a place that we make our own. Whether it is a new home or an older home that you buy, eventually it will need some repairing, renewing or redecorating, which will lead you down the same bumpy road that most of us try to avoid as long as possible... the road to home renovations.

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Mess Equals Stress - Embrace a Cleaner, Uncluttered Living Environment

No one enjoys living in a cluttered, dirty home. But when laundry, toys and papers pile up, and kitchens and bathrooms get gross, parents can feel overwhelmed and paralyzed.

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Creating a Master Bedroom that is a Real Retreat

The master bedroom is an often overlooked area of the home. When friends come over, it is the room where things get piled up and the door remains closed. As the adult in the home, you deserve a bedroom that feels like a retreat. Here are some simple ways that anyone can do to transform their room into a more relaxing or romantic space:

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