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Organized Interiors: Three Simple Rules for Combatting Clutter in the Home

In the ongoing effort to combat the clutter of a home blessed with two roving, active children and two over-scheduled adults, I’ve learned to roll up my sleeves in order to keep my sanity. I figure if the goal of family life is a real relationship, then the objectives are clear: make space, clear obstacles and invite input.

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Children’s Playroom Décor Ideas

As Fall rolls around, the days become shorter and cooler. The opportunities of sending your kids out to the back yard or to the park to play and burn off all of their extra energy also become fewer. As you begin to envision the toy clutter yet again covering each floor of your home, don’t despair! Consider the option of a kids’ playroom! Whether you use a bonus room, office, basement or part of a bedroom, these fun spaces are where kids can be kids with freedom. The playroom also frees you from a mess throughout your home!

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Let’s Get Organized One Step at a Time

You say you’re finding Barbie in the bathroom drawer and school permission slips under the microwave? Getting your house in order is easy if you take it one step at a time. And the kids can help. The stack of mail on the kitchen counter is silently nagging you every time you look at it. You’ve been meaning to take the kids’ outgrown clothes to that consignment shop. And you’re running around barefoot, looking for your favorite shoes, when – ouch! – you step on a Lego. Yep, it’s time to get organized. And it’s doable with our experts’ tips.

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Firsthand Savings on Secondhand Goods

I’ve been a thrift diva since childhood. Sniffing out a bargain brings me a thrill, so I’ve never shied away from buying other people’s cast-offs. Not so with many of my peers. In recent years, however, the stigma of buying used has faded thanks to sites like eBay, Craigslist and Economic necessity and the ‘green’ movement may give thrift a chance to become trendy. Want to get in on the savings? Check out these possibilities before you pay full price.

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