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Expecting Twins

Twice the happiness or twice the nausea? Twice the joy or twice the anxiety? Expecting twins is a very different adventure than expecting only one baby.

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Pregnancy Month by Month

There is perhaps no one better than you — a mamma-to-be or a mom of two who knows just how much the body (your’s and baby’s) can change during pregnancy.

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Sterilization 101

New parents have a fierce instinct to protect their new bundle of joy. We know it is not possible to shield your baby from every germ, but sterilization of all bottlefeeding equipment is one way you can protect them from bacteria, viruses and even parasitic infections.


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Having a Baby? 8 ‘Must Haves’ for the Hospital

1. Bring a nightgown. After you give birth, you will probably stay in the hospital gown for a while, but once the doctor is done and you’re all cleaned up, most hospitals will let you change into a gown of your own. You might prefer pajamas with shorts or pants as a bottom, but it might be easier to wear a nightgown. There will be many trips to the bathroom and you won’t be very stable, so pants might be hard to manage. Also, if you’re planning on nursing, be sure to bring pajamas that can work for nursing.

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