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What to Expect: C-Sections Versus Vaginal Births

Following the birth of my son, I was disappointed that I had to undergo a C-section. Nonetheless, the feeling was fleeting as I held my newborn close, realizing the consequences could have been devastating if the surgery hadn’t been performed. Like many new moms, one of the first lessons I learned was that parenthood rarely goes according to plan. Since you don’t know exactly how your child’s birth will play out, manage some of the uncertainty now by learning the differences between cesarean and vaginal deliveries.

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Oh Baby! Checklist for Your Birth Centre Stay

Your birth centre stay may only be for one or two days. Bring your own comfortable clothes and supplies. Even your baby can start life in their own clothes!

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Top 10 Must-Dos for the Partner in Labor

Through my 11 years of experience teaching families how to prepare for their birth experience, I have carefully created a top 10 list for dads (or support partners) to help them successfully navigate the waters of childbirth and be the rock star when all is said and done.

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Life after Miscarriage

The day that you miscarry, you become part of a club that no one wants to belong to. It’s a club shrouded with secrecy, pain and even misplaced shame. You’re no longer pregnant, but everywhere you look, there are reminders of the baby that you had already loved and been preparing for. The box of maternity clothes you had just brought up from the garage. Your What to Expect When You’re Expecting book sitting on the nightstand. The emails reminding you of your baby’s progress.

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