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School Aged

New School? No Worries

If your child is starting a new school this year, they may be concerned about finding their classroom, getting along with their teacher or making new friends. Academic pressure increases kids’ anxieties. As a parent, you can help your child confront and conquer new-school jitters.

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Smart Study Strategies

Fun, smart ways to help your kid study effectively for reading, spelling, math, science and social studies tests.

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First Week Back-To-School Jitters

Ask any school-aged child, parent or teacher and you’ll likely hear that of all the school weeks, this is the most anxiety provoking. For children, there may be anxiety about how well they’re going to get along with the other students in their classroom, how much they’re going to like their new teacher (or whether the teacher is really as strict as everyone says!), how they’re going to get up on time in the morning (actually, that’s more likely the parents worry!), and whether they’ll be included in games at outdoor recess.

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Streamline the Back-To-School Paper Flood

The first day of school is promising. Your children are coiffed and coutured in their cleanest and newest. They are nervous, excited, maybe a little anxious, while you probably feel elated by the possibility of a little time for yourself or reduced childcare payments.

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