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School Aged

Seven Steps to a Successful School Year

The first weeks of school are a time of change and stress for families. Children are faced with unfamiliar work and the expectations of a new teacher. Friends may find themselves in separate classrooms as new children are introduced to the classroom mix. Some children will attend a new school entirely, often one in which they are the youngest students. Parents suffer these changes alongside their children, and everyone must adjust to the routine imposed by the school’s schedule.

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Five Tips for a Successful College Visit

After three years of exploring various college and universities with my two teenage sons, I’ve gradually developed a formula for getting the most out of our time on campus. Here are some of the tips that have helped make our visits less of a chore and more of an adventure.

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Sick With Worry? Tips to Manage School Anxiety

A little anxiety is always expected and normal. But some children experience persistent and excessive worry while attending school or while thinking about it outside of school. They may experience anxiety attacks and feel ill. School anxiety may interfere with academic work, behavior at home, emotional health and socializing.

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Moving Children to Learn

Does your child love to rock out to music or enjoy a competitive game of kickball with the neighborhood children? Getting and keeping children moving has more than just physical benefits, it also stimulates children's most vital organs: their brains.

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