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School Aged

Lessons in Learning - What’s Your Child’s Learning Style?

We all learn in different ways, but most people identify with one of four learning styles. Identifying your child’s learning style helps you to not only better understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, but also to introduce methods that help aid their learning.

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Learning to Read, Reading to Learn - You are Your Child’s First Teacher

You (really) are your child’s best first teacher. Science tells us that the experiences we have in the first years of our lives actually affect the physical architecture of the developing brain. Your child’s brain is built over time, and it needs a good base to support all future development.

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Add a Little Learning into Summer Fun

With a little creativity, parents can make year-round learning fun for their children. For children, learning is an ongoing process, one that continues even after the last bell of the school year. Just because families are gearing up for fun, sun and relaxation doesn’t mean educational activities can’t be incorporated into vacation plans.

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Join Calgary Reads and Pick Up A Book!

Calgary Reads recognizes that reading is important for child development, and they are committed to spreading the joy of reading to all children with their unique programs. There is something enchanting about reading a good book. Becoming engulfed in the story, and getting to experience epic adventures with beloved characters. A good book can captivate the attention and nurture the imaginations of children, and adults alike.

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