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School Aged

Positively Peaceful Mornings - How to Avoid the Back-To-School Morning Rush

Stop that! Be quiet! Quit playing at the table and eat your breakfast! Behave! Hurry up; you'll be late! How many times do I have to tell you, prepare your backpack before you go to bed!

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A+ Parent-Teacher Conferences

With the end of the school year approaching, it is time to schedule year-end parent-teacher conferences. Parents are separated into different groups when it comes to these meetings. Some parents love the chance to spend time with their child’s teacher, talking about what is going well and brainstorming solutions to challenges. Others, though, become intimidated, feeling perhaps, like children themselves as they sit in the too-small chairs.

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Five Tips to Prod Your Child out of Procrastinating

As I overheard a conversation with a parent discussing her child’s routine and the late hour the child completed her homework the night before, I thought about how easily we allow our kids to slip into procrastinating habits that result in disastrous consequences. Instead of encouraging behavior toward meeting their responsibilities, we allow distracted effort or inaction. If we teach our kids to overcome the temptation of procrastinating, we give them a valuable skill that reaches into adulthood. 

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On the Mark – Key Steps for a Successful Parent-Teacher Interview

With the various preparations for school, parents also need to think about parent-teacher conferences. For some parents, it’s a meeting to look forward to and for other parents, this conference may cause some apprehension. However, there are simple ways to get ready for the meeting and solutions to make it a productive time for both you and your child.

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