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School Aged

5 Ways to Save on Back to School

For many kids, excitement about the new school year is generated by the back-to-school shopping excursion. Although some would have you believe a shiny backpack full of new school supplies and a trendy Fall wardrobe are required to head back to the classroom, being realistic about what your child’s needs are can save your bank account from the back-to-school craze.

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My Teacher Hates Me! Solving School Struggles

When a child dislikes a teacher – or feels disliked by one – school becomes a daily struggle. Just ask Constance Zimmer. Her step-son, Harrison, now a happy fourth grader, got off on the wrong foot with his first-grade teacher. “He felt picked on and singled out,” she recalls. “He began to act out in class and refused to participate in projects and assignments.” Fortunately, teacher-student traumas are often highly fixable. Read on for ways to smooth the bumps for a better school year.

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Selecting a Proper Backpack

Returning to school can be a pain. While waking up early and doing homework may be unpleasant, perhaps the biggest pain kids will face come September will be felt in their backs.

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How to Beat Back-To-School Clutter

In the back-to-school rush, parents’ best intentions may be buried under kids’ backpacks, homework assignments and missives from administrators. The best offense against back-to-school overwhelm is a strong zone defense at home. With this three-zone approach to organization, your family can keep everything under control this year.

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