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School Aged

Sick With Worry? Tips to Manage School Anxiety

A little anxiety is always expected and normal. But some children experience persistent and excessive worry while attending school or while thinking about it outside of school. They may experience anxiety attacks and feel ill. School anxiety may interfere with academic work, behavior at home, emotional health and socializing.

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Moving Children to Learn

Does your child love to rock out to music or enjoy a competitive game of kickball with the neighborhood children? Getting and keeping children moving has more than just physical benefits, it also stimulates children's most vital organs: their brains.

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How to Get Your Kids 'Wired' for Back to School

Between the tweeting, posting and gaming, it's hard to get a text in edge-wise, let alone a conversation! Studies show that children and teens spend nearly as much time with media as they do sleeping. Most paediatricians agree that although media is a growing tool and can offer children many opportunities to learn and be entertained, it should be monitored and made available in moderation.

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Eight Ways to Organize Your Child’s Paper Load

Within a week of school starting, it begins. You can almost hear the groaning noises from tables, countertops and in-boxes as paper after paper piles up. The computer inbox swells as emails fly in daily. Homework, class reminders, past due assignments, team schedules. Face it, kids generate a lot of paperwork. But by figuring out a good system that works for you, you will save yourself not only time and energy but also a lot of headaches.

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