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School Aged

Preparing for the Parent-Teacher Conferences

Long before you ever meet, you and your child's teacher have a mutual goal - the success of your child. Parent/teacher conferences are an integral part of your communication with the school. Conferencing not only provides the opportunity to share a wealth of information about your child, it also helps to create a partnership with the teacher that will assist your child through their most formative years.

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Play & Learn this Summer

Summertime is a wonderful time for kids. Children's growth and development is enhanced through the opportunities they get to learn in the summer.

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Literacy and Numeracy - the Foundation for Future Learning

Rich literacy and numeracy environments in the early years give children a head start on their academic careers and promote skills that will serve them throughout their lives. 

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Science Begins @ Home

When I was expecting my first child 10 years ago, my mother offered this rather unusual advice ­ maintain a happy disposition with a mind at ease and don't look at ugly pictures. This was all so that the new baby would be beautiful, intelligent and sweetly mannered.

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