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School Aged

Homework Hints - Quick Tips to Getting it all Done!

Give choices in subject matter, time, or place of study. For example: Would the child like to do math or English first? When is their best, most alert time of day? Would they like to study in their rooms or on the couch?

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Parents & Teachers Partners For Success

As parents, all of us want our children to have the best educational experience possible. We are our children's greatest supporter, and biggest fan.

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Ready Or Not, It's That Time Of Year Again!

Kindergarten readiness always seems to be the big question right about this time of year! Parents are busy making the decision: to go or not to go? Kindergarten registration generally begins in February, and parents want to have some idea of whether their child will be a successful student. By law, a child can enter Kindergarten if their birthday is before the end of February of the school year. So they can actually start when they are four-and-a-half-years old - whether they are ready or not.

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Reading Is Magic!

There is something magical and heart-warming about the moment when symbols suddenly crystallize into meaning and your child discovers the magic of reading. This process is not an instantaneous one; it comes about through your careful nurturing, through years of cuddling up to a book, sharing stories, reciting rhymes, reading aloud, and showing your child that reading is fun.

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