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Kids' Sensory Playtime

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are not big fans of the heat during the summer. In fact, the heat kind of makes my family cranky (not my husband, though; he loves the heat). To top it all off, I don’t have air conditioning, so I needed to figure out some alternative ways of keeping my family cool. If there’s anything in the world that will brighten up (and cool off) your young kids’ day, it’s water play. Water is seriously magical and will keep your young ones and their friends happy and engaged.

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Rainy Day? Let Them Play!

It’s a cloudy, rainy day and your little ones are restless. You look out the window, wishing you could send them outdoors to play. Well, what’s stopping you? Have you ever seen a child walk around a mud puddle? Absolutely not. Kids will go out of their way to step right in the middle of that puddle. They aren’t worried about getting wet or dirty; it’s adults who worry about silly things like that. Bundle them up, add slickers, rubber boots, and let your kids play outside in the rain.

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50 Easy Toddler Activities

Putting together this list brought back so many memories for me! Memories of the days when I had a baby and a toddler to keep occupied for hours and hours at a time. While my boys are a bit older now, they still would love a lot of these activities. (I even stopped putting together this list to go create the baby oil and food coloring one right then and there!)

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Discover Calgary's Museums

Calgary has a wide variety of museums and interpretive centres covering topics from sports to world history; get hands-on with rotating interactive exhibits, travelling displays, and activities for all ages! Many of our local museums also feature weekday and weekend programs ideal for homeschoolers. Inspire your kids to interact with and learn about the world around them while enjoying a great day out!

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