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10 Stroller-Friendly Hiking Trails Around Calgary

Hiking with a young family can be a challenge, and we’ve all found ourselves in that place where one of the children refuses to walk another step and a parent has to carry them a kilometre back to the car. Here are some of my family’s first hikes that we tried way back in the day using our trusty Chariot. Some of the paths are paved, but the others are all wide gravel or dirt trails. Expect roots, rocks, and the occasional steep hill, depending on the hike. You’ll need a big-wheel stroller for anything that is not paved (think jogging stroller or Chariot). All the trails that I’ve included can be done with either a single or a double stroller and some can be done with a bike.

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29 Things to Do In and Around Calgary this Summer

By Nanica Brown & Allison Percival

Bored? Desperate? Never fear, we’ve got 30 great things to do in and around Calgary this summer! Make sure to check ahead for closure and admittance information before you visit.

1. Mini Golf at WinSport -While many of their usual summer activities are closed this season, mini golf is open! Book your time ahead at

2. The City of Calgary Wading & Spray Pools - The City of Calgary will be opening four parks in early July. Bowness Park (8900, 48 Avenue NW); Prairie Winds Park (223 Castleridge Blvd. NE); Rotary Park (617 First Street NE) and South Glenmore Park (8415, 24 Street SW)

3. Outdoor Pools - Two are planning on opening this season with limited hours/admission! Highwood (25 Holmwood Avenue NW) and Silver Springs (Silverridge Close & Silverridge Drive NW).

4. The City of Calgary Skate Parks - We’re fortunate to have a ton of permanent skateparks in the city! All wheeled sports are permitted - in-line skates, bmx, scooters, and skateboards. Vehicles with motors are not permitted. Please follow physical distancing guidelines and watch for closures.

5. Fish Creek Park - Only a hop, skip, and a jump from Calgary’s southern suburbs, Canada’s largest urban park covers more than 20 kilometres of protected river valley.

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Creativity-Boosting Apps to Inspire Your Kids

Parents are looking for ways to keep their kids meaningfully engaged during the long days at home. How about inspiring your kids’ creativity in ways that are both educational and fun? Encourage them to download an app - or three. Here are some of the best creativity-boosting apps. And the best part is, they’re free!

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Virtual Playdates

Just because your children can’t be in the same room as their friends, doesn’t mean they can’t still socialize with the introduction of virtual playdates. Free and readily available technology such as FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype make it easier than ever to see friends and even share in some activities without physically getting together.

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