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What's Your Next Geocache?

My son and I had dabbled in geocaching over the past few years until last Spring when it suddenly became the most brilliant outdoor activity in the world. We didn’t have to leave our neighborhood during COVID restrictions, we were able to physically distance from other people while we rambled off the paved pathways searching for treasure, and we didn’t have to drive anywhere (a quick search revealed that we could find over 50 hidden caches without leaving our neighborhood)! 

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Step Away From the Tech!

Typically, kids spend several hours a day immersed in low-sensory, pixelated landscapes rather than outdoors playing in the mud, climbing trees, examining bugs, rolling down hills, or making up games. As a consequence, kids are less focused, get frustrated more easily, and struggle with more advanced social skills like negotiation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

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10 indoor Winter Activity Ideas

During the winter months, parenting can get a lot more challenging. You are stuck inside more often, and it gets dark early. Here is a list of activities you can use to entertain your children during long, bitterly cold days.

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It's Cold - Get Out and Play Anyway!

Do you feel like it’s the same old boring thing year after year? After the beauty of Fall fades, the next frigid season creeps in slowly. A season that makes some of the world’s most resilient animals think, ‘Yeah, no, gonna sleep through this one!’ I’m talking about winter. 

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