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Embrace Outdoor Play

Do you wonder if your child’s schedule is too crowded? Too stressful? Do you watch your child play video games by the hour and get a little nervous about the long-term effects? Do you wish your child had time to ‘just play’?

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+ 15 Art Circuit

Although Spring is in the air, Calgarians are well aware that doesn’t mean the days of frigid temperatures are over. In fact, the average temperature in March in Calgary is 4°C. So, what do you do when you want to get the kids out of the house to explore something new but can’t depend on unpredictable Alberta weather? Create your own indoor art tour through downtown’s Plus 15 network!

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Explore Glenbow Museum this Spring Break - Art, Nature, and History for all Ages

For many, Spring Break means more time with the family, which makes Glenbow an ideal destination. With over 90,000 square feet chock full of art and history, you and your crew will never get bored. If anything, you might be left wondering where to start. Here are a few suggestions to get you well on your way to a wonderful day of adventure.

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Affordable Winter Fun

Although the financial ‘holiday hangover’ can leave you dreading your bank statement this time of year, it doesn’t mean your family has to be stuck at home for the rest of winter! From free meals to low-cost movies and much more, Calgary has many budget- friendly activities for children that will keep your family entertained and your bank account intact.

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