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Summertime Family Walkabouts

Summer strolls, new adventures, and picnics in the park are easy to come by in and around Calgary. Read on for my top summer walkabouts to get your family moving - happily!

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Explore Calgary’s Best Parks and Playgrounds

Calgary has over 5,000 parks and more than 1,000 playgrounds! Exploring these green spaces is an inexpensive way to have fun as a family and get to know the city you live in. To get you started, here are five of the best parks for families that Calgary has to offer, and five awesome playgrounds to give you 10 weeks of exploring Calgary’s parks and playgrounds.

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Puddles are for Everyone

Spring is here! Well, at least the concept of Spring is here. While there is still the possibility that we might wake up to a few more snowy mornings here in Alberta, our mindset is beginning to shift toward summer. In my house, there’s one tried-and-true signal that this long-awaited season is upon us: puddles!

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What's Your Next Geocache?

My son and I had dabbled in geocaching over the past few years until last Spring when it suddenly became the most brilliant outdoor activity in the world. We didn’t have to leave our neighborhood during COVID restrictions, we were able to physically distance from other people while we rambled off the paved pathways searching for treasure, and we didn’t have to drive anywhere (a quick search revealed that we could find over 50 hidden caches without leaving our neighborhood)! 

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