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The Insider's Guide to Fun in Your Hometown

Small-town living is the best! The towns and communities surrounding Calgary are hidden local gems, full of wonderful things to do with your family. From outdoor adventures to must-try local food staples, there’s so much to enjoy!

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Pandamoneum! Why the Calgary Zoo will Welcome Four Giant Pandas in May 2018

Arriving in May, the Calgary Zoo is welcoming giant pandas for the first time in 30 years! For Albertans that recall the Calgary Winter Olympics of 1988, that event coincided with a cuddly seven-month visit of two giant pandas, on loan from China. The situation was nothing other than pandamonium - a thrilling time at the Calgary Zoo that was “Panda Magic.”

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Six Ways to Survive - and Thrive - in Mud Season

You and your kids are tired of winter. But before Spring comes in earnest, you have to get through the dreaded mud season. The days are longer and maybe warmer, but it’s melty and messy and hard to do much outside.

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The Spring Break Challenge

Last year, I created a ‘Spring Break Challenge’ for my family with the goal of trying at least a couple of new things. We continued our mission into the month of April and by May, we had visited several new places around Calgary. What new activity could you try with your kids during Spring Break? (And it could be as simple as visiting a new playground or trying a new hiking trail.)

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