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House to Home

How to Love Where You Live - Adding Character to Make a House Your Own

When moving into newer homes, a lot of homeowners are afraid to change certain aspects of the home toward something in their own style. This is sometimes because the existing finishes are new or still in decent shape. It doesn’t really make sense financially to replace a light fixture or paint brand new cabinets. It does make sense to want to live in a house that you are in love with and feels like home.

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It's Easy Goin' Green - 65 Small Changes to Make a Big Difference

Change. It’s hard. But it’s becoming evident that for the sake of our environment, for the sake of our children, we need to change the way we do things. Here, to get you started are some easy actions you can take. But don’t stop there. Share your efforts with your kids so they grow up with an understanding of how and why we need to be more aware of our actions.

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Eco-Friendly Home Design

Being ‘green’ is something we all strive to do, but it can be difficult. Whether it’s using eco-friendly cleaning products, or making sure to sort your recyclables, it takes some time and effort to be more aware of what we use. Often, it is expense or lack of style that holds homeowners back from taking these steps to make their home more earth-friendly. However, we have put together some suggestions for you that are easy to do, great to look at and don’t break the bank!

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The Great Back-to-School Clean-Up and Organization Blitz

Ahhh, back-to-school time. The time when a woman stops, looks at her family, her house and that giant school-supplies shopping list - and wants to scream, “We gotta get organized around here!”

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