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Talking to your child about consent

This may be a topic that you avoid, do not fully understand, or do not think your child will understand at a young age. You can practice talking about consent with infants and toddlers by verbalizing that you are going to pick them up and talking them through actions that you are doing during daily caretaking routines. It can be uncomfortable at times for parents to have to broach topics such as these; however, learning more about it can help both you and your child.

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It’s winter time, and the reading is good

Outside, it’s snowing and gray and so very cold. It’s also a Sunday morning, and it would be too wonderful to stay in your socks and pajamas and quilts, and cuddle up together on the couch. Think of that scene in Cat in the Hat when the children stare out the window longingly – except in your case, the adults are home and you do have something to do. You can have a winter chapter book readaloud!

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You’re not a micromanaging parent…are you?

Kids need to explore in order to learn. In fact, most child psychologists and educators would agree that exploration is perhaps the primary means of learning in which kids can become more confident, capable, and engaged learners. And it would seem obvious that confidence, capabilities, and engagement in learning are all favorable characteristics parents want to see in their kids.

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Teaching your kids about money

Over the summer, my daughter and her friends came up with an idea for a bracelet stand where they sold the elastic and bead jewelry they made to people in a local park.

I was feeling pretty proud of my little entrepreneur as she counted her earnings on the walk home, that is, until we heard the ice cream truck.

Less than five minutes after she and her friends divvied up their hard-earned cash, my daughter was eating her share of the profit in the form of a rocket pop.

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