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School Aged

Learning for Your Child’s Future

When choosing a school for your child, you might rely on your own school experience or even stories from your parents about what school used to be like. It would surprise many to learn school is very different today, and families have far more choice in how their children are educated than they did years ago.

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Back to Basics - Is Your Backpack a Pain in the Neck?

You’ve just finished buying new school clothes and loaded up on all the supplies. Now it’s time to buy a backpack. When shopping for a backpack, function takes precedence over fashion. Comfort, support and size are very important factors that need to be considered when picking the right backpack. Just like kids in class, backpacks come in all different shapes and sizes. Avoid buying the biggest and cheapest backpack thinking you are getting a bargain. This purchasing strategy could actually be harmful to your child’s back.

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Five Ways to Save on Back-to-School

For many kids, excitement about the new school year is generated by the back-to-school shopping excursion. Although some would have you believe a shiny backpack full of new school supplies and a trendy Fall wardrobe are required to head back to the classroom, being realistic about what your child’s needs are can save your bank account from the back-to-school craze.

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Getting to the Bottom of Teacher Troubles

"I hate school. My teacher is mean!” At one time or another, nearly every parent of a school-age youngster has heard their child express their displeasure with the entire educational establishment during a frustrating homework session or after a rough day. While you may initially brush off their dramatic declarations, what do you do if your child seems to be growing increasingly distressed with school and their teacher?

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