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School Aged

It’s Time! Teaching Kids Time Management Skills

What are you doing?” I ask my son. “I told you five minutes ago to get dressed. We are leaving for your baseball game!” Even in my apparent state of frustration, my six-year-old refuses to be rushed along as he reluctantly tosses his toy plane onto the floor and slowly begins pulling one sock on and then the other.

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Ask a School Psychologist

It’s that time of the year again when we need to start thinking about what’s coming next for our children in school. Some children will be starting Kindergarten, starting Junior High or High School, or moving to a new school or class. These changes can lead to a mix of excitement and worry about what will happen in the future. For most students, these feelings are expected and manageable with some thought. For others, these feelings can be debilitating in the present and jeopardize the ease of the new beginning.

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Fashionably ‘Back to School’

Back to School.’ I don’t know about you but when I hear or see these words, I get excited and sad all at the same time. Sad that another school year is about to start and my kids are growing older, (as am I), and sad that my poor credit card is going on another binge ‘diet.’

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Ready, Set, Prep! The Ultimate Back-To-School Checklist

Whether you are just getting back from a vacation with extended family or you spent your summer relaxing at home sweet home, the back-to-school bell is ready to ring. How will you get all your shopping done with minimal stress?

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