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School Aged

New Student? Prepare Your Child for Success

At the Calgary Board of Education, each child is welcomed into the classroom as a unique individual. As you and your child begin to prepare for the start of Kindergarten or Grade 1, there are many things you can do together in the summer to make your child feel as comfortable as possible about starting school.

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Wrap Up the School Year Right and Make a Cheat Sheet for Next Year

Kids are not the only ones who suffer from the summer slide. Parents have a difficult time thinking clearly at the end of the summer too. The reason your brain feels like it’s still on vacation right before the school year begins is because you just spent two-and-a-half months recovering from the last school year. Then it’s usually during the hectic back-to-school phase when parents struggle to remember all of the important priorities that seemed so clear right after school got out.

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A Teachable Moment May 2015 - Summer is Coming!

The school year is winding down and the summer is in sight...finally, a two-month reprieve from homework, busy schedules and strict bedtimes. This break sounds great, but for some kids, thoughts of the long summer ahead isn't as exciting as it may seem. In fact, many children secretly love the school year - even while they are complaining about it. They may feel a little sad during the last weeks of the school year and the first days of summer.

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Skip the Sass

Not thrilled by your mouthy preschooler or your back-talking tween? You’re not alone. Correcting perceived attitude problems is a top parenting concern, and there’s often no easy fix. In fact, this stubbornly persistent behavior may be biologically driven. Though you may not turn a grouchy grumbler into Positive Polly overnight, you can help your child learn to be more respectful and polite in short order. Here’s how to ditch your kid’s problem ‘tude and enjoy a happier family, starting now.

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