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Ages 0-5

Tips to Ensure Your Little Bundle of Joy Stays Joyful

New parents have so much on their plate, and a fussy baby can make everything even more difficult. Here are some tips for keeping baby happy and calm:

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Our Top 10 Baby Gear Picks for Today’s Royal Parent

You may not have a town crier announcing the birth of your new prince or princess, but your new royal subject is just as deserving of having the ‘best of the best’ baby gear outside the Royal Palace. Our commoners searched high and low, and present to you our top choices for the most essential baby products fit for your new pint-size king or queen.

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The Baby Blues: When Depression Strikes

Question: I know that it’s normal to have the “baby blues” right after you have a baby, but my son is six weeks old. I thought everything would be wonderful by now and I would be so in love with my baby. I thought mothering would come easily. It’s not that way at all! I can’t sleep, even when he’s sleeping. I feel hollow inside, like the real me is gone. Sometimes I cry for hours; other times, I feel angry enough to explode. Life feels like an endless amusement park ride, and sometimes I just want to get off. Why am I such a terrible mother?

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Making Room for Baby - 8 Tips for Helping Your Other Children Adjust to a New Sibling

There’s nothing more exciting than finding out that you are expecting, again. Thoughts of tiny toes and sweet baby breath flood your mind, and your world is all of a sudden in total bliss. Along with another baby, though, come worries of: How will I possibly love this baby like I love my first? Or, How will my child adjust to having a new baby in the house? Will they still know that I love them just the same?

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