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Ages 0-5

Help Your Preschooler Start Smart

You’ve picked up your child from their twos, threes or fours program, with the rest of the day or the weekend ahead of you. Now what? It’s a common dilemma. “So many parents ask me, ‘What do I do with my child when we get home?’” says Elissa Sungar, a former preschool teacher at Stanford University Laboratory School and the co-creator of, a free website that guides parents through 300 short and fun daily activities to help them make sure their child is ready for Kindergarten.

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Swaddling Newborns: How, Why, and for How Long?

The act of swaddling babies has its roots in thousands of years of human history. Today, it is still a common practice in many parts of the world. However, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether swaddling is good or bad. It can be a confusing time when every person you talk to gives different advice! The general consensus is that swaddling is safe when done properly and supports the baby’s transition from the womb to the outside world.

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Baby Massage

The loving touch - "It almost seems as if he's helping me," exclaimed a new grandmother in her enthusiasm of massaging her first grandson. "As I start to massage him, I can see the love lighting up in his eyes." Infant massage is a wonderful and unique way to welcome your baby into the world. It facilitates the developing relationship between parent and child by increasing feelings of attachment and confidence in parenting skills.

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New Baby Old Pet, Introducing Baby to Rover

When expectant mothers and fathers think about preparing themselves and their families for childbirth and a new baby, one family member often gets left out: the family pet!

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