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Create the Ultimate Halloween Photoshoot

This is a weird but wonderful year for Halloween - it falls on a Saturday and a full moon, so in normal times, we would expect this to be the busiest trick-or-treat season we’ve ever seen! It’s not clear whether or not trick-or-treating will be on the schedule this year and some of our usual festivities have had to be put on hold, but that doesn’t mean Halloween still can’t be extra special. This is the perfect year for a legendary family costume photoshoot!

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Fall into Fun!

With Thanksgiving and Halloween coming up, everybody has a lot on their plate. Keep it all in check by making the most out of it, having fun, and staying on budget. Here are 9 budget-friendly family fun tips to help you get started!

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Thrifting 101

Thrift and consignment shopping have been around for years, but it’s quickly becoming a trendy budget-helper for families of all income levels - and it’s easy to see why!

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Dog Days of Summer

One of the outcomes of the pandemic is families focusing on getting outdoors more; going for hikes, bike rides, exploring Kananaskis or even exploring their own neighborhoods. But sometimes parents need something to be organized for them. It’s exhausting raising kids, figuring out how to work from home, and being a 24/7 event planner. Thankfully, many venues and events around Calgary have begun to reopen, incorporating strict cleaning and physical distancing measures for the safety of everyone. Here are just a few that (as of publication - we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves) are open and available for families to explore.

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